Rules and other Information

Manitoba Wine Tasting Championship

Scoring – Each contestant will blindly taste 5 wines.  Each wine will be scored on three distinguishing characteristics.

  1. Grape Varietal (or varietals)              3 points

  2. Country of Origin                                3 points

  3. Region of Origin                                 3 points

  4. Vintage                                                1 point


Total possible is scored out of 50 points.



*One entry to the contest per person*




To enter

There are a few ways to enter.

1) Email and ask for an appointment to taste some wine.  Your email will be replied to within a business day.


2)  Drop By!!  If you are in the neighborhood during the preliminary tastings, just drop by during business hours and ask if you can enter.  You can usually be accommodated on the spot.  (Preference will be given to those that have booked a scheduled time in advance.)


Championship Qualification Rules

            Participation in the competition is free, but please be diligent to attend your slotted time.  We recognize that when something is free, there is less incentive for your active participation, but please keep in mind that if you don’t attend, you will be taking away the space for someone else that would like to participate.

If you cannot attend, please email us to let us know that you will not be participating two days in advance of your time slot – then we can give the space to another competitor.

Failure to attend, “no shows” (without notification) will not be eligible for the championship the following year.


You must be over 18 years old to participate.




Individuals will have 40 minutes to complete tasting the 5 wines. Contestant’s time will be limited to their allotted appointment time.

(As an example,  if your appointment time is noon, then your 40 minutes to complete your evaluation of the wines will begin at noon and end at 12:40 – please be on time to start your evaluations. Individuals who arrive late will not be given any extra time.)

Tasting glasses

Tasting glasses provided by the Winehouse will be used for evaluation of the wines.


It is expected that all entrants will conduct themselves in a professional manner and will expectorate all samples provided. It is also expected that all entrants will conduct themselves with the highest level of integrity and honesty. Any form of cheating or misrepresentation will result in expulsion from the contest.



Individual results will not be released.   A list of the wines tasted during the qualification section of the championships will be posted to the Winehouse website and here at this site.


The Live Finale

The top 10 competitors from the qualification round will be notified by email that they are invited to participate in the live final.



The act of registering and accepting an appointment to the championship will signify that the individual entrant has read and agreed to the conditions and rules set above.